Thursday, November 17, 2011

EEOC Fraud against the public

I Ricardo E. Jones Sr, former Senior Federal Investigator of EEOC-NYDO from 4/9/01 to 4/1/10 have direct and indirect knowledge of Federal Investigators, Federal Trial attorneys and managers of the EEOC who have taken money/gifts and/or positions with law firms to fix and throw investigation for personal gain or on orders from Comissioners of the EEOC (Vice Chair Leslie Silverman, Esq). Neomi Earp-campbell while Acting Chair of the EEOC had cases fixed for friends at law firms. This information was given to me by Federal Investigator Sean Oliveria formerly of the EEOC-NYDO.

Former Vice Chair Leslie Silverman Esq, fixed decisions for her present employer Proskauer Rose law firm while she was a commissioner at the EEOC. This information was given to my by Nancy Boyd then Deputy Director of the EEOC-NYDO and Nora Curtin Trial attorney/former regional attorney miami-EEOC. Ms. Silverman was a former staff member of the senate sub-committee that over-saw the EEOC. She currently is using her contacts to fix complaints and issues at the EEOC of Proskauer Rose law firm Washington DC. Assistant General Counsel for the EEOC James Lee is a sexual preditor who has sexually harassed many females at the EEOC over his tenure. This information was given to me by Lois Bramble legal clerk at the EEOC-NYDO. Luis Graziano Trial Attorney at EEOC-NYDO has taken money to fix decisions and conciliation at the EEOC. He's a close friend of Assistant General Counsel James Lee of EEOC-Hq's and is also on the take with Graziano.

Nancy Boyd fixed decisions for Leslie Silverman at the EEOC. Nancy Boyd is also a close friend of and ex-subordenate of Enforcement Manager Electra Yourke of EEOC-NYDO who worked for Elleanor Holmes-Norton former head of EEOC and NY City Commission of human rights. Ms. Yourke is a racist bigot known by all in NYC and Washington DC. This information was given to me by Ricardo Cuevas Esq and admin judge at the EEOC-NYDO. Clyde Lo-chin Mediator EEOC-Tampa FL, received a bribe from Paul Salvator Esq for Proskauer Rose law firm representing Ralph Loren Polo and now working with former EEOC vice chair Leslie Silverman in Washington DC. This information was given to me by my friend Clyde Lo-cin Mediator at Tampa FL EEOC.

This information is just the tip of the iceberg. The above information was in my sealed law suit. Please google Ricardo Jones EEOC to read more on the above.

Ricardo Jones Sr, Former Senior Federal Investigator for the EEOC-NYDO cell  917-803-0583



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  4. Public Corruption in Elected Offices and Courts

    Employer, General Dynamics Information Technology violated my ADA and ADAAA Rights. I was harassed after asking company to enforce company policy.
    On 03/20/2014, Filed charge of Discrimination at EEOC Houston Tx. Jeremy Crosbie never informed me of my rights under ADA and ADAAA. In fact, Jeremy Crosbie never investigated my case, witness were never contacted. I believe he was paid off.
    On 10/07/2015, Contact was made with Federal Court, Southern District of Texas (4:15-cv-03038). Civil Suit was brought against U.S. EEOC, U.S. Attorney General Lynch, U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidon, Jeremy Crosbie and Martin S. Ebel.
    ***Instead of granting my motion for a court appointed attorney, I was told I could represent myself (Now I know why that was done.)
    On 10/26/2015, packet was submitted to FBI, Special Agent Perrye K. Turner.
    ***On 11/04/2015, Lynn N. Hughes United States District Judge, entered an Opinion on Dismissal and a Final Dismissal with Prejudice. (H-15-3038)
    Federal Investigator, Jeremy Crosby and Acting District Director, Martin S. Ebel have committed treason and obstructed justice.
    It is time for the Lord to act, for your law has been broken. Psalm 119:126 ESV

    Father God, I ask you to arise against my enemies just as you rose against Pharaoh in Jesus name, Amen.

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    Justice Where Art Thee?